The hamlet formally known as Tinyhold


A four mile wide igneous slab was discovered in the year 45AC by a prospecting dwarf named Lodolf the Mad in the middle of a swamp. The only solid ground for miles around, the slab was virtually uninhabited (the Lizardfolk who prospered in the nearby swamp avoided the place, deeming it cursed) until the year 118AC, when several clerics of Ainu, fleeing persecution from Landfallian missionaries, settled the region with a handful of devout Merendi farmers and gnomes from Irongate Forest. The small hamlet was christened Tinyhold in 500AC, mostly in jest, by visiting Proudhammer traders.

Although shallow, the several feet of soil on top of the slab proved quite fertile, and the dwarf soon established an annual pilgrimage to trade with the men and gnomes of the small settlement. The town was renamed Threshold by a soldier's quip during the preparations for the War of The Pretender.


Threshold has a somewhat seasonal population. Dwindling in the winter months, and growing to a respectable size during the summer, as traders use the village as a hub and route through The Swamp. Although, predominantly Human (with Merendi descendants still proportionately present), Threshold currently maintains virtually no cultural bias against any of the Speaking Races, although foreigners, regardless of race, are often ridiculed and swindled.

Notable Structures

Threshold is fortified with a small wooden palisade, and the townsfolk have no illusions that it would survive a concentrated assault. The walls are mainly to keep out some of the Swamp Stink, and the natives claim that they can barely smell it anymore (except on days ending in -vess).

One of the oldest buildings in town is a Temple which is currently (as of the War of The Pretender) vacant. Although the design and architectural stylings are decidedly human, many visiting dwarves are quick to comment that it probably wasn't built without dwarven assistance. Another Temple also provides locals and travelers alike with the ability to worship key members of the Pantheon of Light. Although, much more recently constructed than the Temple of Ainu in Tinyhold, the layout and floorplan also have very obvious ties to the dwarves of Clan Cairncutter.

Also notable is The Coin. One of the only two-story buildings within town, that has been standing form much longer than most of the residents can remember. The Coin's primary function has been to provide currency exchange for most of the merchants who travel through Threshold. It has been in the Stillwater family since 200AC. When visiting Threshold be sure to avail yourself of the refreshments found at only local tavern for three days ride. You can keep your steeds at Dragon Coin Stables.


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