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This will be the Main Page for Team Swamp.

Here I will post Miscellaneous Campaign Information as well as Announcements and Schedule Information.

Currently Team Swamp is holed up in Drakespur contemplating their next move. Do they march south to Partha with Content Not Found: Estakron and the army of Alpathian War Mages? Or do they move onward to Threshold to meet up with Captain Albertus and flank the Pretender’s army?

Content Not Found: Aya has recently recovered her powers fully and now is once again graced with the Divine Favor of Dimera. Does this mean that the ranks of her Church are growing? Or is it a reward for some of the deeds that she recently accomplished in Drakespur?

In the meantime, Content Not Found: Rair_ took it upon himself to paint a portrait of Cirosa that now hangs over the mantle of the fireplace of The Grinning Griffon, and _Content Not Found: brunnor has recently received disturbing news from below the mountainhomes of Proudhammer.

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