Lysaeda Carterii

Likely younger than Meliai, but older than Morea, much of what we know of her early life was dictated by the youngest sister, Empimeliad at some point during her ensorcellment of Alorn, and survives to this day in the oral tradition of the Centaur Tribes.

The rest is provided by a few notable works in the collection of the inveterate Elven bibliophile, Yrsa. Many of which, I have been fortunate enough to peruse (you still owe an Answer, Yrsa, or all your hard work is forfeit!). Information concerning her last-known wherabouts is scribed upon a rather morbid document (composed of the skin of her sister, Betula), that currently resides in the Isebian College of Necromancy, and is currently one of the tomes on the Bountied Books List. Come and take it Sphinx, or send your little lambs. It matters not to me. I intend to keep it in “the family.” — Aremnos


Unlike her six sisters, it is suspected that Lysaeda was not personally-carried to The South by the Druid that would one day be venerated as Beytnorn, but instead traveled to The South on the wind.

According to the Centaurs, after eight weeks of fasting, a great elder and powerful shaman‘s frozen corpse was discovered near the snow-capped peak of the highest mountain in The South. After communing with his spirit, the remaining elders broke from tradition and buried the body at the edge of Irongate Forest. In the body’s clenched fist, was Lysaeda.





Lysaeda Carterii

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