Gods of The South

Two lists of Deities and Demigods of The South follow. One with divisions along membership to pantheon, and the other by general Outlook/Alignment.

Current Southern Pantheons

Ecclesia of Light and Dark

Pasperus, the Southern Stars

Dacron Craftsmen
Dimera The Grey Lady, Suffering
Palthos Disease

Mesha of Weather, Seasons, Moon

Rashitri the Sea, Vengeance
Tinitra Lighning, Providence, Justice/Judgement
Bachontoi Red Wisdom
Margonne of Mischeif, Plotting, Evil Plans

Teros the Forest
Torrchas of Fools
Penelopania Music
The Lady of Luck
Grismal Guardian of the Underworld
Coriptis of Battle
Mawdorn Dragon Cult
Adalantle of Love, Beauty
Sashu of War
Versham of Thieves
Beytnorn Trees
Dussa of Witches
Mondorent Tombs
Pernatem Duty
Tangadom Cities
Uhanakit Campfires

Eqni, God of Earth
Kala, Goddess of Fire
sShu, God of Air
Luli, Goddess of Water

Ainvar, of Travelers

Gods of The South

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