Ginny Goats

Ginny Goats, as stubborn as they are stupid…
-Peradurian Saying

Man claimed dog, Elf had Horse, and if a Dwarf and his Mule are never far… Goats it is!
-from Mardbert Stillwater’s Deathbook.

Aspersions to the intelligence of Ginny Goats aside, the particular breed does have one rather unusual and quirky defense mechanism. When endangered or threatened, a herd (at least eight) of Ginny Goats produce a magical effect that creates fog, centered on the huddled herd.

Game Information

When you stumble upon a herd of Ginny Goats, roll + WIS:

  • On a 10+ they are not at all bothered by your approach, but stare at you, chewing ominously.
  • On a 7-9 Choose One:
    • They do not issue load warning bleats
    • You are not covered in fog that smells like goat
    • You are not challenged by the largest Billy.

Although handy for evading predators, Mardbert Stillwater‘s diligent breeding programs in conjunction with his twin sister Penimar Stillwater’s Lifework, resulted in an alternate breed of Ginny Goat that lacked this defense mechanism in the winter months when their coats were the longest.

Ginny Goats

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