Drakespur is a perpetually war-torn community located within a valley, and nestled between the peaks of the Mountain Range that signifies the geographic division between the Kingdom of Alpathia and the various principalities that govern the region of the south.

Situated directly near the most readily traversed roads that lead south through the mountains, Drakespur has seen itself caught up in a variety of conflicts over the years.


Originally founded as a hidden refuge by human mercenary groups (the Merand) fleeing potential enslavement by the Ogrish war-lords that rose to prominence after the Isebian Civil War, the men were quick to befriend the three dwarven clans that had been living in the nearby mountains for centuries.

The relationship between the Merand and the dwarven clans grew exceptionally prosperous after the dwarves discovered extremely rich veins of silver snaking through the mountains, and the Merand slowly adopted a more agrarian lifestyle, serving as refinery workers and silver traders.

News of the rich silver deposits quickly drew the attention of the Irendi, an ancient elven kingdom still recovering from the loss of their ancestral homeland. Initially arriving in small numbers and offering their services as silversmiths to the Merand, the influx of artisans laid the framework and floorplans for what would grow to be a thriving city.

The Battle Of Drakespur

At the time of The Battle Of Drakespur, Drakespur is once again reeling from a severe loss of their male population. Women outnumber men five to one.


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