Alorn's Run

…And so He hid as Tinder, She turned into Spark, He turned into Night and quenched Her with His Dark
She turned to Moon, and Dark became Aglow, but He turned to Cockerel and banished Her with his Crow.
She turned into Axe-And-Stump, for he would lose His head, but He turned into a Late Night’s Work, and the Farmer stayed in Bed… – Excerpt from The Lay of The Land as sung by Hanse Trouvère

After chasing most of the hostile humanoids out of the Graven Wood and seeding the orchards (some say under compulsion of powerful Gaesa, Alorn‘s wanderlust found him meandering through the heavy forest that would one day become the Drakespur Mountains. Not knowing that this region was already under the protection of another, he began his astronomical calculations in earnest, constructing several circles of dolmen, and haphazardly placing menhirs throughout the region. These ambitious projects immediately drew the attention of the area’s Guardian and the two powers promptly became embroiled in a game of Vespers and Rous that crisscrossed most of the southern portion of the Continent.

During one point of the chase, the two very accomplished shapechangers, found themselves in the Irongate Forest. The Forest Gnomes were prepared for the worst, and used powerful and deep Moss Magic to protect most of their settlements from the resulting carnage. The obscuring spores of the ritual had the unintended side effect of creating a choke-point that led the quarreling shapeshifters barreling toward Small Mountain, where the Guardian assumed the form of a Brother of Stone and Earth to quickly traverse the mountainous terrain. Not one to be so easily outdone, Alorn took the form of a Xorn and began rapidly chewing through the side of Small Mountain, leaving the mossy pass that still bears his name to this day.

Rumors that the Pass contains entrances to Proudhammer‘s holds concealed at several points along it’s circuitous route are unsubstantiated, but the increasing number of Slitgizard’s do grant the theory some credence.

Alorn's Run

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