Alorn Appledale

Little is known about the life of Alorn Appledale. Forest Gnomes insist that he was merely the first Human druid to construct a Stone Circe within Irongate Forest, and cite the numerous wild orchards of Apple trees within the forest as a lasting reminder of his work.

The sage Maetris Arkis, considered to be the foremost expert on Druidic History (himself a Druid notwithstanding) has this to say about Alorn Appledale:

Much has been debated about Appledale Let this stand as my final word on the matter.

Maetriscompanion, unbound by Druidic Oaths, speaks a bit more freely on the subject:

He was cast out of the Circle for numerous reasons, none of which have anything to do with the Church of Liefar. In fact, the primary example cited during his Severing was his penchant for planting Apple Orchards in the areas he visited during his travels. Some Druid or another saw this as disturbing the natural balance and ecology of the areas, although I’m certain that Old Appledale only had the best interests of The South at heart. Until his orchards, very few men dared to brave the untamed wilds of the region, but when they finally did, the Apple Trees were a nice reminder of the regions from whence they came.

When pressed about the Brother Caithanigin debates, Lysaeda only smiles coyly.

Alorn Appledale

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