Team Swamp

03/12/08: Team Swamp

Drakespur is quickly becoming a pretty popular place...

Drawn away from the morose party of adventurers in the corner of The Grinning Griffon our revelers return to the celebration. Heralded as Heroes of The Battle Of Drakespur many a soldier loyal to Aethryn’s banner rallies around the Content Not Found: brunoor and their erstwhile field commander.

The generosity of the field commander’s coin has become contagious, and now round after round is being proffered to the Heroes.

On its stand, with the Innkeeper’s curtains tossed aside sits Rair’s first painting. In the flickering light of the tavern the lines of age, painstakingly painted on Cirosa’s face seem to fade.

After a bracer-less night, our alcohol addled Heroes head off into the streets, stumbling through the district as Torgome pilots them home. To the Inn, to sleep, and to ready oneself for whatever tomorrow might bring.



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